Instrument Technician  
·       Minimum Diploma in Instrumentation.
·       Minimum 5 years experience in a Refinery or Petrochemical Plant
Basic Functions:
1.      Perform Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance and Trouble shooting of instrumentation with minimum supervision and in full compliance with safety rules and regulations.
2.      Ensure all work practices comply with company Total Quality Systems and Safety Procedures. Discuss safety issues weekly basis that the group faces.
3.      Perform Condition monitoring of Field instrumentation and Rack Room cabinets located at PDH & PP Plant .
4.      Perform execution of plant Turnaround and Shutdowns assigned instrumentation jobs.
5.      Maintains good housekeeping conditions in workshop and work sites
Analyzer Engineer
·       Bachelor Degree in Electronics / Instrumentation & Control Engineering
·       Minimum 3-5 years of professional experience of maintenance of Aanalyzers & gas chromatographs and F&G system in a petrochemical, fertilizer plant or refinery
Basic Functions:
  1. Plan, allocate and supervise the calibration, preventive & corrective maintenance and first line trouble shooting activities on analyzers, gas chromatographs and F&G Alarm and Detection System, located in PDH & PP plants.
  2. Develop maintenance strategy to resolve the critical problems with the analyzers, Gas Chromatographs and F&G System. Ensure their reliable operation without any plant downtime. Suggest and implement necessary technical improvements.
  3. Keep strong follow-up on spares and calibration gas in time purchasing. Answer material queries pertaining to analyzers, gas chromatographs and Gas Detectors.
  4. Train and develop a team of technically competent Analyzer and F&G technicians capable of delivering the section objectives in terms of SHE, engineering standards, costs and equipment reliability.
  5. Ensure planning and execution of plant shutdowns and turnaround within budget and planned time.
  6. Identify and come up with a plan for addressing issue of obsolesces of Analyzers, Gas Chromatographs and F&G system.
  7. Liaison communication with other departments /sections, contractors and vendors etc. as required for timely execution of related jobs.
  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering.
  • Minimum 5 – 8 years’ experience within the same field.
Basic Functions:
1.       Participates in incident control during major accident or emergencies in the plant. Investigates all incidents and prepares an independent assessment of cause, results and measures to be taken to alleviate future occurrences. Prepares regular reports on incidents and statistical summaries of resulting losses.
2.       Assist in the development HSE training by Implementing of HSE training for related issues.
3.       Participate and audit job-planning activities, including Permission to Work (PTW), Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and hazard recognition.
4.       Maintain current knowledge of governing regulations, standards and other relevant legislative requirements and advised the Construction Manager whenever revisions will be required to the project HSE program.
5.       Directs the implementation of the ‘permit to work system. Includes reviewing permits issued by Operations personnel, certifying such permits when required, and ensuring that proper measures are taken prior to commencement of work.
6.       Ensures all work areas are safe for required work through visits to work sites during dangerous or potentially difficult work.
7.       Assist in promoting a risk-based approach to HSE management utilizing Company policies, standards and processes for all operational activities.
8.       Ensures that the root causes of safety incidents are identified, corrective actions communicated and that status on corrective actions are regularly reviewed.
9.       Ensure compliance with system for collecting, storing, analyzing, tracking and reporting HSE performance data (e.g. Incident report findings, Audit actions, and related HSE metrics).
10.   Improve awareness of all relevant personnel in relations to safety and environment matter and occupational health and hygiene.
11.   Ensures that all HSE procedures meets OSHA standards and Intranet Safety Information is up-to-date.
12.   Ensures all departments implements the accident investigation recommendations.
13.   To update all Safety Standards of NATPET and gives HSE training for NATPET employees as per yearly training plan schedule. Follow up in updating accident investigation recommendation in all NATPET departments.


Electrical Engineer


  • Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering
  • minimum of 12 years of experience in Electrical Maintenance in a refinery, petrochemical or power plants.

Basic Functions:

    1. Provide necessary technical support to lead troubleshooting in plant electrical equipment and system.
    2. Monitor and involve all electrical maintenance works of from inception to completion throughout all execution phases. Review contract procurement, Review project proposals, design drawings, equipment specifications and the proposed protection and control schemes for electrical systems.
    3. Provide and implement technical assistance to save electrical costs and assure necessary quality targets and safety demands.
    4. Troubleshoot , repair, maintain, operate, inspect, test and take full responsibility of below electrical equipment and devices up to 115V Main substation, substations, high voltage GIS (Gas Isolated Switchgear), High, Medium and Low voltage Motor, Diesel Power Generator, Transformer, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), MCC (Motor Control Center), SCS (Switchgear Controller and related Programmable Controller.
    5. Participate in preparing the electrical details design packages for installation of new plants equipment/system such as new electrical system/equipment including motors, generators, switchgear, UPS system and power monitoring. modification and up-gradation works.
    6. Participate in investigation teams for the analysis of individual electrical equipment or power system faults.
    7. Work with vendor technical representatives to resolve equipment technical problems and Witness FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) of all electrical equipment.
    8. Lead and recommend new continuous improvement solutions for installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within specific fields of
    9. Development & implementation of Training & Development programs for the subordinates working under him
    10. Supervise all new/modification/up-gradation works for cost, schedule, quality and safety control. Responsible for testing and commissioning of all electrical installations.
    11. Conduct investigation to the accident/incident regarding electrical system. Study and analyses complex or recurring problems relating to electrical systems and recommend appropriate solutions.


PLC/Instrument Engineer

  • Bachelor  degree in Electrical / Electronics / Instrumentation & Control Engineering.
  • minimum 7-10 years of professional experience in maintenance field in a petrochemical, fertilizer plant or refinery.

Basic Functions:

  1. Provide technical assistance and problem solving in troubleshooting chronic problem on various types of instrumentations & control systems.
  2. Maintain Plant Emergency Shutdown (ESD) and PLC Systems i.e Siemens, Triconex & Hima. Execute all modifications in ESD and PLC systems logics and graphics as per requirements.
  3. Communicate with Vendor for their assistance for specialized services and coordinate with area supervisors whenever required. Suggest and implement necessary technical improvements of Instrumentation and controls.
  4. Assist Superintendent in implementation of applicable engineering standards for operation, maintenance, proof testing and reliability of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). Prepare and review design packages
  5. Reviewing and maintaining the Quality system procedures. Prepare life cycle management for instrumentation and control related.
  6. Assist in reviewing instrument history, analyses chronic failures and problems, conduct root cause analysis and develop recovery strategy for implementation of upgrades and modifications.
  7. Prepare and Support Shutdown and TA activities review after shutdown for the evaluation, prepare reports and statistics evaluations in timely manner
  8. Supervise all new/modification/up-gradation works for cost, schedule, quality and safety control. Responsible for testing and commissioning of all instrumentation and control installations.
  9. Conduct investigation to the accident/incident regarding electrical system. Study and analyses complex or recurring problems relating to instrumentation and control  systems and recommend appropriate solutions.


Process Safety  Engineer

  • Bachelor  degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience of increasingly related responsibilities in the with proven experience in the design of fire protection and process safety systems for Oil Gas projects.

Basic Functions:

  1. Provide Process Safety advice on operational and maintenance activities Provide advice on legislative and regulative matters.
  2. Lead accident and incident investigations, Review process safety related incidents, and ensure appropriate actions are put in place to stop reoccurrence.
  3. Develop and manage a strategic plan to reduce the MAH (Major Accident Hazard) risk across the company.  Perform MAH risk analysis (including Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Cost (versus risk reduction) Benefit Analysis (CBA). Review and support project related changes, and ensure that designs minimise MAH risks. Facilitate Management of Change, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL and other SHE reviews as required for project and maintenance changes to the operational assets.
  4. Implement international standards and local regulations on process safety management like OSHA 1910.119 and HCIS regulation on process safety. · Develop, review company process safety management standards and ensure their compliance through audit protocol
  5. Use tools for evaluation of qualitative and single-event quantitative analysis of consequences of accidental releases (TRACE, ALOHA).
  6. Provide project input concerning process and personnel safety requirements included in generally accepted engineering standards such as NFPA, ASME, API, and CGA, reducing the business’ need to hire third parties.
  7. Works with teams of plant engineers, maintenance, R&D, finance, materials management, operations employees, and the business leadership team, to plan, lead in the development and implementation of process safety improvements
  8. Develop and leverage a strong working relationship with Business Engineering Leads, Site Technical Managers, and Process Technology Leads
  9. Skilful application of standard work processes (functional excellence), including engineering design standards, engineering operating procedures, inherent safety, HAZOP, etc.
  10. Timely and effective communications with all levels of the organization
  11. Support Operations during Turnaround jobs, Shutdown and Start-up of Units
  12. Training of new fresh Engineers in process safety


Process Design Engineer 

  • Bachelor  degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in Refinery and Petrochemical plant.

Basic Functions:

  1. Carry out hydraulic and sizing calculations for process line, utility line, pump, control valve, process safety valve inlet and outlet lines for grass-root and revamping project.
  2. Carry out thermal design for shell and tube heat exchangers and preliminary process calculation for air coolers, fired heaters, compressor.
  3. Vessel/column sizing and Material and energy balance calculations using process simulators such as Unisim.
  4. Ensure the strict accordance of standards and codes such as API and TEMA.
  5. Predict dynamic behaviour of equipment using Unisim software.
  6. Prepare study report for feasibility analysis and new proposal.
  7. Prepare Conceptual Design Packages (CDP) for any new installation or modification in plant.
  8. Trouble-shoot unit operation by investigating normal operation/shut down scenarios. Follow up on potential design problems indicated by poor performance. 
  9. Provide assistance and co-ordination for preparing plant performance monthly report.
  10. Prepare in-house excel programme for equipment performance monitoring.
  11. Provide training to fresh graduates/young engineers about process principles, equipment working principles, and design procedures.
  12. Provide assistance for on-site activity in plant.


Maintenance supervisor

  • Bachelor degree or Diploma in relevant field.
  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience in the Oil/Gas/Petrochemical Industry.

Basic Functions:

  1. Supervises the activities of packaging Maintenance for Troubleshoot , repair, maintain, operate, inspect, test and take full responsibility of below bagging equipment such as Bagging machines, Palletizer machine, stretch hood machines, big bag machines, silo management systems, conveyors controls, transportation system and related Programmable Controllers PLCs and HMI station.
  2. Prepare corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance plans and monitor the timely and cost effective execution.
  3. Reviews and inspects work of Packaging Maintenance and provide recommendation time to time bases for the improvements. Lead and recommend new continuous improvement solutions for installations or modifications to improve existing facilities and standardization within specific fields.
  4. Train and develop the team technically competent Maintenance technicians capable of delivering section objectives in term of HSE, Engineering, and standards, cost effective. Performs formal and on the job training and instruction of maintenance technicians regarding proper maintenance methods and procedures
  5. Assist the Superintendent when and where required.
  6. Generate schedule and reports of assigned area.
  7. Supports to achieve departmental and company goal with in the capacity. Prepare plans cost control and budgets
  8. Keep the Superintendent / Head informed about the actions and the changes carried out with in the assigned responsibility.
  9. Support company while assigning the new tasks or responsibility with in abilities of the personal as per his knowledge and experience.
  1. Supervise all new/modification/up-gradation works for cost, schedule, quality and safety control. Responsible for testing and commissioning of all bagging / palletizer installations.


Plant Inspector


  • Diploma in Mechanical /Metallurgy Engineering.
  • Minimum 5 Years of Experience in Refineries, Petrochemical or Gas processing plant in corrosion inspection field.

Basic Functions:

  1. Plan On-stream and Off-Stream inspection programs for stationary equipment, piping, Safety valves etc.. Ensure that all equipment records/inspection programs are up dated with inspection reports/certificates and to provide status report on different inspection programs at regular intervals.
  2. Carryout external visual and NDT/corrosion monitoring surveys of stationary equipment and piping as per inspection plan/programs.
  3. Carryout On- stream, TA Internal Inspection and NDT of stationary equipment and piping for condition assessment, To identify causes of deterioration and recommend suitable remedial actions and follow up for their implementation .
  4. Study on repeated failures and lead / participate in the Root Cause Analysis.
  5. Issue repair/welding procedures per standards, inspect and certify. To witness welders qualification and certify.
  6. Witnessing testing of safety valves and certify.
  7. Review metallurgy for all modification jobs and issue welding procedures, inspect and certify.
  8. Develop, Review and Revise Inspection procedures and Check Lists as required.
  9. Ensure that painting surveys are carried out as per plan/program and advice Maint. with repair procedures and timely corrective actions.
  10. Coordinate / communicate with vendors in carrying out cathodic protection potential surveys, Special NDT Services, Thermography etc. and follow-up for implementation of corrective actions per report.
  11. Maintain up to date documentation (Hard copy / Soft)
  12. On job training of new staff and any other Special assignment given by the Management.