NATPET‘s participation in K-Show

NATPET‘s participation in K-Show

K-show is the world’s largest plastics trade show organized with three years interval. The K Show 2013 Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany is an enormous trade fair where experts from every continent came together to discuss their visions, showcase their ideas, and to lead their companies to business success. An amazing amount of qualified visitors, an average of more than 222,000, attended this plastics industry trade show to learn about new technologies, make purchasing decisions, and agree on contracts. This show from October, 16-23, 2013 was running daily from 10am to 6:30pm with more than 3,000 companies exhibiting from more than 50 countries.

NATPETs’ participation in this K-show was very productive in different aspects. The unique event is that NATPETs’ grades (H03TF, R25MLT and R40MLT) were run by four different renowned machine builders. The companies that have run NATPET grades for visitors’ awareness during K-show are:

1. GABLER a big name in branded thermoforming machines,

2. AMUT another renowned branded machine manufacturer for  thermoforming application.

3. FANUC repute machine builder for full automatic and sophisticated injection molding application.

4. Dr-BOY renowned precision injection molding machine manufacturer.

Another productive activity was the press-release launched by NATPET just at the start of the K-show event. This press-release about NATPETs’ clarified grades attracted many converters for processing advantage and cost saving.

NATPET booth in the K-show was in prime location where every day more than 100 visitors, converters and traders visited our booth. The booth was spacious enough to accommodate large number of visitors at a time. Gifts, brochures and technical knowhow inside the booth and video display about NATPET and its grades were the main tool for visitor attraction. We hope the strong K 2013 will provide “tailwinds” that will carry over for plastics industry growth in 2014.