NATPET Stood No. 1

NATPET Stood No. 1 – Marafiq Sustainability Award 2012

By: Mohammed Adil Majid – TQM Manager


The Marafiq sustainability award for 2012 is presented to National Petrochemical Industrial Company (NATPET).

Sheikh Khalid Ahmed Yusuf Zainal Alireza (Chairman NATPET) received the award by the Jeddah Governor His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal bin Majed during official inauguration ceremony of Saudi Water & Power Forum & Exhibition (SWPF) on 02nd December 2012 at Jeddah Hilton. The SWPF is endorsed by the Saudi Ministry of Water & Electricity.


The Marafiq Award for Sustainability (MSA) has been created to acknowledge, celebrate and encourage sustainable practices in Saudi Arabia that promote environmental, social and economic development. The award criteria are in line with the internationally accepted definition of sustainable, therefore the criteria for the Marafiq Award for Sustainability are based on the three dimensions of sustainable development:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability
  • Social sustainability

NATPET has been selected for the best sustainable company by MARAFIQ on the basis of followings:

  • NATPET has assured various applicable National and International accreditations as an evidence of their effective performance and responsible competitiveness.
  • Huge savings of resources as an evident of Economic sustainability and recycling of waste.
  • Excellent performance on Environmental & Social Sustainability, including impressive records on Occupational health and safety.