NATPET Participation in the 11th Arab International Plastics & Rubber Industry Trade Show and Conference (ARABPLAST 2013)

NATPET Participation in the 11th Arab International Plastics & Rubber Industry Trade Show and Conference (ARABPLAST 2013)





The National Petrochemical Industrial Company “NATPET”, a progressive front runner in the polypropylene industry, has participated as a Golden sponsor in the 11th Arab International Plastics & Rubber Industry Trade Show and Conference, the well-known “ArabPlast 2013”, which was held in Dubai from January 7th – 10th, 2013.

The petrochemical industry in the GCC region has developed into a major investment opportunity for the Gulf States as they set to become the world’s largest source of plastics including polyolefins. In 2007, ethylene production in the ME including Iran was about 15 MM ton, and by the end of 2011, it is estimated be 30 MM. Similarly, according to the latest statistics, PP production is also expected to increase from 4.8 MM tons in 2009 to 9.5 MM tons by 2015 – almost double the volume.

According to Al Fajer Information and Services, the organizers of ArabPlast, The world’s estimated consumption of plastics will be 540 Million tonnes by 2020; out of that, the GCC growth in plastics will capture 8 percent, compared with 25 percent by Europe and NAFTA countries, and 37 percent in Asian and Oceanic countries. The plastic per capita consumption in GCC has already crossed the 39-kg barrier.

Coinciding with ArabPlast, NATPET announced launch the of its new Thermoforming grade H03TF based on the innovative remarkable Milliken’s nucleating technology. The new grade H03TF combines high clarity and aesthetics with a new level of superior dimensional stability for thermoformed products.

Mr. Jamal Malaikah, NATPET’s President and COO, highlighted that, “Any company investing and participating in any event should ultimately receive the payback benefits. Hence, seeing ArabPlast as one of the foremost activity, we at NATPET have been participating in ArabPlast regularly, and accordingly we are witnessing an outstanding growth time after time.”

Rated as Number One plastic event in the region, the show had attracted around 30,000 visitors from 113 countries. The third biggest Plastic fair worldwide during the four days, has hosted over 800 exhibiters from 41 countries, a 34% Increase from the previous event held in 2011.

NATPET won the best booth design award for the second consecutive time at ArabPlast acclaimed for an outstanding style. This couldn’t be possible without its strong commitment to showcase its market outreach in the most paramount manner.

Mr. Malaikah also added, “NATPET’s attention to product and service quality earned it a distinguished position in all markets within the company’s domain of activities; Customers and competitors alike agree that NATPET’s image is exceptionally outstanding among its peers”.

NATPET participation in trade fairs such as ArabPlast gives the company a good exposure in the international markets to promote its products for a variety of applications.

As one of the leading companies in the petrochemical industry, the company also aims to support and develop the ever-growing Saudi plastic industry.


NATPET is a public owned company from Saudi Arabia operating with an annum PP production capacity of 400,000 tons. Employing Spheripol technology, it produces HOMO- and COPO- grades covering a wide range of applications. NATPET products reach more than 60-countries on the globe and are well appreciated by its customers owing to their differentiated and superior quality.