Chinaplas 2014 – The 28th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (April 23 – 26, 2014 )

Chinaplas 2014 – The 28th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (April 23 – 26, 2014 )



Chinaplas 2014, the 28th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries is ranked as the top of the Plastics and Rubber trade show in Asia. This event provides an ideal platform for all related exhibitors to display their latest technologies and products. Chinaplas 2014, organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd has taken place in Shanghai from April 23 to April 26, 2014. 

NATPET and NOBLE CHEMICALS jointly participated in this mega event. The participation of the joint team was very prolific in different aspects. The unique achievement is that NATPETs’ grades (HOMO and COPO) were well introduced to Chinese converters and consumers. The giveaways produced from NATPET grades were distributed to enormous number of visitors. Exchange of technical knowhow of the potential grades to the PP converters brought an opportunity for NATPET to be known as one of the quality resin producers.

The growth of China’s plastics and rubber industries for nearly 30 years enabled CHINAPLAS as a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries and has also largely contributed to their prosperous development. At present, CHINAPLAS is not only the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia, it is also widely recognized by the industry as the 2nd most influential exhibition in the world. Its significance is surpassed only by K Fair in Germany, the world’s premier plastics and rubber trade fair.

NATPET grades and its application introduced to Chinese visitors by translating into Chinese language

NATPET booth in the Chinaplas was in prime location where every day more than 100 visitors, converters and traders visited through our booth. The booth was spacious enough to accommodate large number of visitors at a time. Gifts, brochures and technical knowhow inside the booth and video display about NATPET/NOBLE and its grades were the main tool for visitors’ attraction. We hope the strong Chinaplas will provide “tailwinds” that will carry over for plastics industry growth in 2014 and onwards.

NATPETs’ participation in this mega event was very productive because in addition to promote the NATPET grades it provided an opportunity to come in close contact with Millikens’ high profile technical and sales team. Milliken has the edge in specialty additives and good reputation in china for their sales and services regarding engineering plastics. Another productive activity was the technical exchange meeting with NOBLE’s high profound technical and sales team. Mr. Jamal Jamil Malaikah President and COO of NATPET along with NOBLE high officials visited the Chinaplas and NATPET booth where he met all team members and appreciated their works.

The visitor data base as recorded through electronics counter by the event organizers is reported as:

Day 1, April 23, Number of Visitors: 39,581, overseas visitors: 10, 639 (26.88%)

Day 2, April 24, Number of Visitors: 47,285, overseas visitors: 23,015 (26.49%)

Day 3, April 25, Number of Visitors: 33,448, overseas visitors: 9,697 (28.99%)

Day 3, April 26, Number of Visitors: 10,056, overseas visitors: 4,129 (41.06%)

Total number of visitors (4 days), Number of Visitors: 130,370, overseas visitors: 36,841 (28.26%)

Over 2700 exhibiting companies participated in this mega event and NATPET was one of them in contributing the high end application sectors.


Chinaplas-2014 exhibited a complete spectrum of rubber and plastic raw materials which are widely appreciated by the professionals involved in this sector. The event is known to be the perfect meeting place for the professionals coming from the rubber and plastic manufacturing sector all around the world.