Technical Data Sheet
Product Description

NATPET polypropylene grades for healthcare applications are produced under controlled conditions to ensure consistent quality and contamination free resins.

R40MLT-MG is highly transparent random copolymer resin containing anti-static agent. Produced using Spheripol® technology, this grade is a reactor grade (non-visbroken) with an exceptional advantage of having morphologically uniform resins, and intrinsically organoleptic-neutral (odorless) character. The ultra clear nucleation additive package also ensure excellent dimensional stability and potential for energy and cycle time savings. The high flow ability renders the grade suitable for thin walled injection molding application.

It is recommended that all potential activities for applications of this grade in the healthcare area have to be discussed with the relevant technical and business representative of NATPET particularly for use in an implantable device that is introduced into the human body by surgical intervention and is intended to remain in place following surgical procedure.

Processing Method
Injection Molding

ResinConditionsMethodValueUnitTechnical Data Sheet Material Safety Data sheet Regulatory Compliance Product Declaration
Density23°CISO 11830.900g/cm3pdfpdfpdf
Melt Flow Rate (MFR)230°C/2.16 kgASTM 1238-1340g/10-min
Flexural ModulusISO 1781,200MPa
Tensile Modulus1-mm/min
ISO 5271,000
Tensile Stress at Yield50-mm/minISO 52729MPa
Tensile Strain at Break50-mm/minISO 527> 50MPa
Tensile Strain at Yield50-mm/minISO 52712%
Izod Notched23 °CISO 180

Heat Deflection Temperature0.45 MPa Un-annealedISO 75B73°C
Vicat Softening TemperatureA50 (50°C/h 10N)ISO 306125°C
Haze1.0 mmASTM D 10036.0%
Note: The above are typical data representing the product; not to be construed as analysis certificate or specifications.