Teldene® H25FBA


Technical Data Sheet
Typical Applications
• Production of bulk continuous filaments (BCF), continuous filaments (CF) and staple fibers
• Specially used for carpet and upholstery applications
• Used for automotive compounding application

Key Characteristics
• Formulated with anti-gas-fading stabilization package
• Reactor grade (no peroxide added)

Processing Method
• Fibre (spinning) Extrusion
• Bulk Filament Extrusion
• Co-Extrusion

ResinConditionsMethodValueUnitTechnical Data Sheet Material Safety Data sheet Regulatory Compliance Product Declaration
Density23°CISO 11830.900g/cm3pdfpdfpdf
Melt Flow Rate (MFR)230°C/2.16 kgASTM 1238-1325g/10-min
Flexural ModulusISO 1781,700MPa
Tensile Stress at Break50-mm/minISO 52736MPa
Tensile Strain at Break50-mm/minISO 527> 50%
Tensile Strain at Yield50-mm/minISO 52710%
Izod Notched23°CISO 180
Heat Deflection Temperature0.45 MPa Un-annealedISO 75B89°C
Vicat Softening TemperatureA50 (50°C/h 10N)ISO 306155°C
Note: The above are typical data representing the product; not to be construed as analysis certificate or specifications.

Special Features
Woven application
– Shows broad processing window while providing excellent mechanical properties
– Tested on Neumag S+ machine and qualified by Neumag in their polymer recommendation list
Non-Woven application
– Tested on Reicofil® 3

Processing Conditions
Average extruder temperature range may be kept between 240 – 260°C.

Food Regulation
This product is defined as a preparation under specific food contact regulation. Detailed information will be provided in a relevant document “Regulatory Compliances Product Declaration” upon request.

Storage and Handling
Polypropylene resin should be stored to prevent a direct exposure to sunlight and heat. The Product estimated shelf life is one year starting from production date, adequate humidity below 80%, and
temperature below 40°C. Customers might not fully follow the optimal storage condition, hence the shelf life recommended at customer site is six months only as received. Please refer to “Material Safety Datasheet” (MSDS) for handling and storage information.

Legal documents, MSDS, trial reports and machine builder certificate are available on request. Please send your request to the following e-mail:

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